Centralization (SSC) Process design

  • There are 3 potential variants of transition approach: Lift & Shift, Fix & Shift and Big Bang. All of them have certain advantages and limitations. Most common one is Lift & Shift that minimises the risk and allows for a smoother and faster overall migration timeline. However the approach needs to be determined based on detailed considerations of your priorities and objectives.
  • DLM can support in
    • Gather information about existing processes and current headcount to understand potential scope
    • Conduct detailed analysis of functions and processes in scope to determine what can be centralised and what will remain in the local organisation/ business units
    • Analyse headcount in scope and determine what benefits can be achieved
    • Review of existing systems and IT solutions used by business units in scope.
  • Implementation
    • Assist in the facility set up
    • Develop and coach staff
    • Transition Training
    • Support in transition
    • Develop Service Level Agreement and KPIs